Six Earlier Days


Six Days Earlier is like a prequel to Every Day which is one of my loved D. Levithan book.  And having read this work (because it’s a digital only copy, meaning no hardbounds or paperbacks) makes me feel like the real fan girl of D. Levithan. It’s a less than a hundred page read about some days before the encounter with Rhiannon.

Every Day and Six Earlier Days tells the story of A who shifts and becomes another person from day to day and wanting to actually be of one person until he dies. A is not a ghost or soul. A just goes from one person to another and inevitably leaves the body at midnight and randomly goes to another at the morning.

It’s a story of an entity who just wants to be just one person because it believes it’s more convenient to be of a certain person, and off the book and my own view, it’s funny to think that here we are as humans, wanting to be a different person and get away from everything. These two stories makes me realize that altogether, being a different person or not we all go through things. Life is just as unfair to others as it was to you.

And to date, D. Levithan had even published the companion  to Every Day which is Another Day (which not about A, but of Rhiannon’s, BUT A.D. IS NOT A SEQUEL IT’S A STAND ALONE NOVEL). Looking forward to reading A.D.!


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