Maybe staying friends is a silent vow.

It’s supposed to make me feel sad, but I feel okay. Like I have moved on long before I realized it has happened. This has happened before, im kind of familiar with what’s happening to us. This is exactly what it felt like when Celine, Lea and I suddenly broke that trio and realized how different we three were and we cannot confine to such attachment for we had to find who we really want to be, we were kids then but we knew better. We stayed friends through the years, but it was not the same as before, and we turned out fine.

But never did I expect that it will actually happen to us. It came as a surprise at first when I became aware that we were slowly fading apart, but somehow a part of me wasn’t shocked, I have seen it coming, even years before.

But who knows, maybe if we keep to ourselves these words, this thing we’re going through will just come to pass. I never imagined not staying friends with you, so I will not think about ending being friends with you. 

I strongly believe though that friendship is more than being physically and electronically felt. I believe friendship is being faithful to the invisible bond that connects you two. That friendship is hanging unto the the memories you had hoping someday you reminisce it all together. That friendship defies the wordly measures we have. 

And maybe, just maybe, staying friends is a silent vow.

You stay friends on the years to come, knowing it’s now not as intense as it had been before, but you just smile, say hi, ask how are you’s and say goodbyes with hugs that seem to say more than the words you just said to each other. 

A lot has changed, for you, for me. A lot has happened. A lot has come and passed. You may not have been there for most of the time, and maybe I haven’t thought of you as those events happened yet I can never deny that you will forever occupy a special place in my heart. That if one day you decide to cut me off your life, you’d still have that pang in my chest whenever mentioned, a longing feeling that can never be matched by anyone who would come into my life. You will forever be a part of whoever I’d become, and I thank you for that.

I am faithful enough to believe that even with the distance and silence, we’re staying friends. If you decide then that we no longer are, that’s the only time that we’ll stop being one. 


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