Seveneves by Neal Stephenson


The moon unexplainably broke into seven large pieces. And as scientists had predicted, Earth would soon befall extinction by an event they called the Hard Rain of meteors which would last for billion of years. They had about two years to prepare, to gather DNA samples of every living creature that they could get samples from, take pictures to preserve design of structures, technologies, culture, habitat settings, etc., of which they would send to space for data storage in hope that the community that they were to build up there will flourish someday saving our species and look into those old collection of the old Earth. They had to pick two children, a boy and a girl, from every nation, hoping to maintain heterozygosity in the future. And everything I wrote is just a snippet of what the book was about hahaha.

The first two parts of the book was so hooking I can’t put it down. It was a tedious read about scientific future possibilities and should I mention there was a lot of physics too. A tough thick read. But later at the third part of the book, I had to drag myself to finish it! 

I loved the first two parts, the last part was a highly detailed imagined future of life in space, but it just wasn’t too engaging for me. 


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