Self Portrait

Finally after a lot of tries, I now have one that I can properly call a self portrait. Not really a hundred percent resemblance but close, in comparison to other attempts I had for years.

I just had a feeling that night that I can now finally break the difficulty of sketching your own face. That night I decided to look through the picture as if it was not me, as if it was another person. And then I did it. I was able to draw the person that people see. It was the person I see in front of the mirror.

Maybe that was it. And for about days now I’ve been tweaking it every now and here’s the final version. It may not look a lot like me but for now, I feel satisfied.

PS. I seriously look at it and can’t help but think that it looks like some cartoony disney princess. And I know that Idon’t look cartoony in real life 😂😂 but what the hell, for now, this can suffice that satisfaction I wanted to feel for years.



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