The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


It’s a war survivor’s story of the French Vichy Regime. How war breaks people, family, and relationships, but the books also shows how surviving one can shape a person and their views about life, love, and family. It was heartbreaking, as death and mishaps happened to the people around the main characters.

I never lost interest in the story even though I knew it would be a long read. It felt like being at the same time as Anthony Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See, but just taking on a different angle on that same regime.

I have no idea about the nightmares of having seen war, and I believe that we must be actually fortunate for we do not need to remember a traumatic violent past that could have left physical and moral wounds and scars.

But then thinking about it, if we actually pause and take a look back on our lives, no matter how little or big it was, we are all survivors of a war. Struggles that most of the time we keep to ourselves, battles that they haven’t heard of, throes that we never told anyone. But then, here we are, breathing, trying to keep going and hoping to stay alive and survive the next war.


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