There was once a Pig who did not dream of becoming Ultimate. Every Pig by default, in almost any Farm that is, has the dream of being Ultimate, everyone aims to be the Ultimate, but of course not everyone gets the chance. This story is not about having that chance and not becoming it, because truth is, any Pig clearly has that chance just two hooves away from them. But not everyone becomes it, because that’s how Life is. It’s either you were born to be it, or you strive to be it. 

This story isn’t solely about that Pig who did not dream. It’s about her litters too. And no this is not related to The Three Little Pigs, there is not a wolf in this story, or maybe I could actually incorporate a wolf here but, no.


So this Pig who did not dream is Bat. You see, at two months, she already knows what a bat is and she knows she’s not it, she’s just really called Bat. From that alone you realize that she’s pretty clever for a Pig, and she is really, compared to the other pigs in this Farm, she was I bet the most clever of them all. But of course people don’t get to know how clever she is by the slight whistle she add when she oinks, we just hear the oink and not the whistle. But the other Pigs hear it. 

“Do it again Bat! Do it again!”

“You sure are one weird Piglet Bat! Another one!”

“Whistle at the caretaker Bat, tell him to give us more feed!”

But all the caretaker hears is a ruckus of oink oinks.

Bat knew she was special in a way, and everybody believes she gets to be an Ultimate someday. Some Pigs, those in the lowly farms, though occasionally dreams of being the Ultimate, they accept the fact that they cannot be it that they just settle on dreaming to just be roasted with lots of spices. It was the biggest dream they could have second to being the Ultimate.

But of the whole Pig generation, being in a high end aka first class farm, Bat was the disappointment of them all. Once their Mother asked them what she someday she dreams to be, and the litters answered one after the other,





The exclamation marks are that accurate, every Pig was enthusiastic with the thought of being Ultimate. Except for Bat. It was the first time that the Pig World ever had an,”Not that Ultimate is not a good thing, I just don’t have a dream at all”

Her Mother was shocked and disappointed. How could a Pig not have a dream? If say it’s not being Ultimate, maybe at least be at least be crispy fried to perfection. Her Mother thought Bat would change her mind when she’s a little wiser. But when Mother Pig died, she never knew that she was wrong about Bat. Bat never changed her answer.  

Bat grew fast and then was picked to become Mother Pig (being Mother pig was not part of Pigs’ dreams, being Mother Pig was a task, a privilege). Bat’s siblings thought she would have a different answer now that she had her own litters. But everytime they would ask her they keep it hushed so the Piglets would not hear about Bat’s answer. It did not change.

Then came the time that she was left with just one litter. Piglet was named Braux. Braux grew fine and when he was just about a week before he was taken away from his Mother’s pen he talked to her. 

‘Mother, I dream of being the Ultimate’

‘Why my child, of course you do! And I’m proud of you I know you are built to be Ultimate someday’

‘Are you going to be mad at me Mother, because I have a dream?’

‘Why should I be mad at you?’

‘Because I know you don’t have a dream, you are the only Pig who doesn’t have a dream and it hasn’t changed until now, has it?’

‘It has not changed. My answer will always be that I do not have a dream. And it is the truth, but maybe before you go, since you are the only litter who asked me, i’ll share you a little secret’

Braux moved closer to his Mother Pig and oinked attentively as she leans in to tell him about something she hasn’t shared with anyone.

‘Even Pigs get disappointed, Braux. But only those alive who knows what became of you after, gets to be really disappointed. After the Processing, only those Pigs who knew what became of you, fried, canned, hanged raw in markets, etc. gets to be disappointed. I learned this whenever older Pigs in my time would say,

     ‘Poor Pig, got roasted instead of being delivered into a factory and cured to bacon perfection’,

     ‘Poor Pig, got chopped and fried and served as is’

Whenever a Pig dreams of becoming Ultimate and they are in their last moments, knowing they will never be after the Processing, dies disappointed. It was all they aimed for when they were living then they never came to be it at the end.

So I thought it was best that I do not dream at all. Because in the end, Ultimate or not I get to be something that I was raised for. I will die though maybe not as Ultimate but I still have a purpose. And that’s the point of Life for me, having my purpose served at the end, no disappointments, no regrets.’
Braux still leaned near her hoping there was more she would say. But that was all. So he said,

‘But Mother, with what you said, I still want to become the Ultimate, and I’m not gonna tell my future litters of you not having a dream, I will encourage them to dream and aim to be the Ultimate, and I hope you will not love me differently because of this.’

‘Braux, I’m not telling that you too should not dream like me. Dream, dream big, always have a dream! I encouraged everyone of you to dream, I never wanted to my Piglets to hear me answer them other Pigs, when they ask me about my dream because I don’t want you to do the same. 

And funny to think about it just now, but I think I’ve been lying all this time… I think I do have a dream and I just have realized it by now…
I dream of having every Pig realize their dreams of becoming Ultimate so they serve their purpose well to themselves and to others!’

‘Mother, you know how impossible that is’

‘No, don’t you ever use that phrase again, especially to your future litters, or to anyone who has a dream! Words of discouragement could scar a naive dreamer. Always encourage dreams, support dreams, guide them. If a dream seemed impossible at first, dream another dream, always dream, always dream.’

‘You are ironic Mother you say you do not have a dream, but you say always dream, I am confused’

‘If I can’t dream for myself, I’m dreaming for my litters, I dream them well’

A week after Braux was taken away, Mother Pig was Processed. She did not become Ultimate. But we know to our hearts that she wasn’t disappointed, nor were the other pigs who knew of her as ‘dreamless’. 

But Braux was a bit disappointed, he was thinking that somehow at the end, his Mother would be as contradicting like her not-dreaming and her encouragement to dream. But he remembered his Mother’s words well.
Braux rendered his Piglets well like he had told his Mother, encouraged them to dream big, to always dream. And time came that he had to face the Processing. 
In the end, he became the Ultimate. And little did he know that the other Piglets who came from Mother Bat ended the same too. He did not know that Mother Bat’s line was the line that people wanted to have as Ultimate. And every Piglet’s line (those from Mother Bat) were sought for being an Ultimate line.

He did not know that his Mother’s dream was possible. 

Braux did not know that since Bat was little she took care if her self enough, ate the right diet, had enough exercise and sought for her overall well being everyday, knowing that she is someday to be bound as Mother or maybe Processed young, and she wanted to be fit and ready for anything that comes her way.

His Mother’s dream has come true, and no one knew about it.


Being Ultimate is simple. You get picked and then you get to be processed as bacon. 

And yes, not every Pig gets a chance to be bacon. 

Now whenever you see a Pig again in your plate and it was not in any form of being bacon, you get to say to yourself, “poor Pig, you have not reached Ultimate” then you get sad. 

I mean isn’t it sad to be dead and not be someone you aspired to be? Even Pigs get disappointed, they say.

“Poor Pig, got roasted instead of being delivered into a factory and cured to bacon perfection.”

“Poor Pig, got chopped and fried and served as is.”

“Poor Pig, became pata tim.”

“Poor Pig, poor Pig.”

The moral of this story is not “Don’t dream.” I mean we are not like them who gets to STILL be something way past their deaths, they at least get to be eaten and savored and appreciated for a while after their death. We are not Pigs, so dream. Although we do get savored and appreciated more after death but you see there is a big difference. 

Dream, no matter how impossible. Then work towards it so it becomes, possible. Then laugh to yourself and ask why you ever doubted.

 Always dream.


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