My Facebook profile is a teeming pot of boredom. But I’m proud and happy to say that despite the lack of activity around posts and tags I can say that my actual social life isn’t congruent with my online presence. I am actually a lot happier offline. 
The  year 2015 wasn’t perfect. We started the year with FPJ being hospitalized at New Year’s Eve, I even had some misadventures and misfortunes at times. There were lonely times and bouts of hitting hard on depression, but unlike before, I now have learned to look beyond the negativity and hope that the better days are just around the corner. I promised myself that I will give and grab chances this year, and I did. A lot has been learned this year but nonetheless, there are a lot more to be thankful for.

So looking back 2015, here are my  FAVORITE MEMORIES  of each month. Most of these pictures are not even on my facebook profile hahaha  

(This will be a post full of pictures haha be patient as it loads ✌🏼️)


Highschool barkada bonding.



Breakout with UP CELLS!! 


UP Fair with UP CELLS brods and a little pink  teddy won from a booth



HALE COMEBACK!! Looking champ for Champ.

There was even a fire beside Route 196 that time but we endured the long walk (we’ve walked longer  when we were at UPLB anyway). Anything for Champ😍 also for my girl crush Aia and bonus was we sampled how Jesh makes wehey after gigs.


Assembly Generals Launch   


One of those fun Malate weekend. Videoke with friends from Mapua.




Solo beach getaway at La Union




Bulacan getaway with Kipses and Jorks



Celebrating at NIU with the June Celebrants


Zambales with UP CELLS




Solo getaway at Baguio.



Ebe doing his magic, no mic or amps just pure puso.




From Bogart’s Bentelog…


to drinking three half pitchers, EACH with UP CELLS and…



UP CELLS’ anniversary salubong the night after. 


Meeting my Freshman bestie, whom I havent seen for 5 years for she was in Japan


Hannah+Gabi at Cubao X and Lightsettling at Route 196


Feeling adult with sushi and maki bonding with UP CELLS


From a mere jogging to shake shake fries craving turned roadtrip to Tagaytay. Watched the meteor shower…



2 day gaming at Fire Sword cafe with L4d2 until dawn.


Exploring Intramuros and low cost footspa with Jorks and Kips at Star City




An 8-day Cebu to…



 Bohol trip with Jorks


TAGAYTAY ART BEAT!! A night filled with great music from bands of our very own indie OPM scene, plus art and the Tagaytay chill.





and an out of the blue visit from him❤️



An unforgettable Ceb week with the birthday boy (❤️) and a weekend with his family.




Ayala triangle lights show with the Kipses


Bicol and Vigan



Indeed, I owned 2015. And I am claiming this year too.


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